November 11, 2012

KYUHYUN YESUNG electric shock from lie ditector@ SUPER JUNIOR 7TH ANNIVE...

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Captions (rough trans): 00:05 "Kyuhyun's computer playing time has lessen" 00:07 Then, is Kyuhyun's claim a lie? 00:12 It's a lie! 00:16 We just speak honestly~ 00:22 Next is Yesung! 00:25 Interrogating once again! "I find my TV presence handsome" 00:31 Yesung boldly says "X"! 00:35 Also!!! (sry lol can't find exact word) 00:36 Suddenly the stage's in chaos! (not rly sure abt this too) 00:47 Members who are surprised bc of Yesung 00:51 Suju's gaming truth, only here~  HAHAHAHA LOL :D

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